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To contact Arvika Aero Club: niklasrahkonen(at)gmail.com

Accomodation at Arvika Airport:

The aero club has a 4 bed cabin for rent at the airfield, click here.

TAXI: +46 570 107 00.

Operating procedures and more


For more information, see NOTAM and Swedish AIP AD 1.1.12.

Please, also check our Aero Club NOTAM.







Noise sensitive area!

Avoid noise sensitive area, please!

Airport information

Noise abatement:

Noise sensitive area south-southeast of THR 01 (see map above).

After departure RWY 19, climb straight ahead and do not turn left until after passing south of highway 61 (the main road to Karlstad).

Thank you for your cooperation.

More than 3 touch and go landings is allowed only during weekdays

from 0800 to 1700 hours local time.

Use left hand traffic circuits for both runways.

Other activities including motor vehicles may occur on the RWY, TWY

and APN. Unless otherwise stated in NOTAM, aircraft has priority. However, good cooperation will ensure the best outcome.

For more detailed information, click here.

Sporadic snow clearance. The status can be seen on our webcam.

N.B. No measures will be taken to improve braking action.

Commercial and corporate aviation:


There is no landing fee for private pilots, as long as the aircraft´s MTOM is 2000 kg or less.

Aircraft parking along eastern edge of the apron, north of the taxiway. Tie-down weights available at northern edge, see photo on the right.

A model aero club is very active at the field.

Wildlife is common within aerodrome area.

When operating on the grass strip, stay well clear of the RWY lights and beware of the threshold lights RWY 19 (displaced THR), extending out from the RWY edge, see photo on the right. Also, on final strip 01, be observant of possible conflicting traffic on the taxiway.

The surface of the grass strip can be soft during the thaw in the spring and after longer periods of rain during the autumn. Taxi on the strip or on the asphalt and avoid the blue marked area, see photo on the right.

The distance between the RWY-lights is 100 m.


  • RWY 01/19: Left traffic circuit
  • Surface: Asphalt 1150 x 30 m
  • THR 19 displaced 200 m
  • Communication frequency: 123,350 MHz ("Arvika radio")
  • Airport elevation: 237 ft (72 m)
  • Pilot controlled lighting on 123,350 MHz for 12 s
  • Fuel: Avgas UL91, credit cards accepted
  • Wind sock west of the field, north of the apron
  • Taxi: +46 570 107 00
  • Bicycle: We have bicycles for rent, click here
  • Accomodation at the airfield, click here
  • Obstacle 2,5 km east-northeast of the field, 745 ft MSL
  • The grass strip is 400 x 20 m, extending from the taxi way and to the north, on the western side of the RWY

For fuelling contact the aero club and we will try to help if time allows.

To see the pricelist click here, and for information from the engine manufacturers, see above to the right, on this page.

Distance to Arvika city center is approximately 4 km.

Inexpensive accomodation available at the airfield, click here.

National emergency number: 112.

Svenska Flygfält 1. Source: KSAB Pilotshop www.pilotshop.se
Svenska Flygfält 2. Source: KSAB Pilotshop www.pilotshop.se

Apron details

Apron details

The grass strip

The grass strip is 400 x 20 m

COM frequency:


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Left traffic circuit

for both runways

MTOM <2001 kg:

No landing fee

for private pilots

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für Privatpiloten




corporate aviation

Fuel prices

Avgas UL91

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Approved engine?





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How to pay

from abroad:

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*OBS! Ej för färdplanering.

*N.B. Not for operational use.

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